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Jones Industrial Sales is the fleet sales representative for the Western U.S. and Canada. Eco-flaps are manufactured in the U.S. by Andersen Flaps of Chattanooga, TN. Eco-flaps are the replacement part for traditional solid-faced mudflaps. Eco-flaps are the only patented aero-dynamic mud flap and the only one with a successful J1321 SAE Fuel Standardization Test showing fuel improvement of 1.7%, proven to reduce dangerous road spray and lower replacement costs due to being made of high grade nylon instead of plastic or rubber.

PPA supports procurement, accounting and logistics professionals to optimize shipping costs and profits.
PPA's Cost and Management Service is a proven 3-stage process that was designed by a world class team with more than 65 years of collective logistics expertise, specializing in cost reductions. Let me and my teammates develop and implement a customized solution roadmap comprised of weekly Auditing (and recovery), Contract Analysis, Optimization and Monitoring to transform a good program in a "Best in Class".

 FMZ Load Based Fuel Economy System
Distributed in the U.S. by Diesel Technical Innovations of Minnesota, the FMZ is a solid state "computer" that is a bolt-on, plug-in, under-the-dash tool that acts as an interpretor between the throttle pedal and the engine's ECM as the weight of the vehicle's load is increased or decreased. The FMZ has an infinite amount of calibration settings available and is readily accessed by shop personnel with a laptop.

National Colloid's Super C Degreaser is a new type of degreaser and cleaner that uses no chemicals to lift off the toughest challenges. Super C is made active by the addition of water to excite it's nano sized particles into an attract-detract movement that makes grease and dirt float off of any surface. Acceptable for use in food preparation areas.

Diesel Treatment / Additive Easy Metering Containers

These metering containers (sold empty for refilling) are an excellent way to avoid needing to carry onboard multiple bottles of diesel additive and avoid the high prices for diesel additives at truck stops.
These containers were designed specifically for use with Schaeffer Oil's Diesel Treat 2000, product #137-SUM although they will also work with other Schaeffer diesel additives including Soy Shield. These containers will also work with other company diesel additives.
If you don't already have a Schaeffer rep in your territory, you can find one here: Schaeffer Rep Locator
Contact the rep to determine the price of the diesel additives in your area.
The #137-SUM is the least costly of Schaeffer's diesel additives (less than 5 cents per gallon to treat). One ounce treats 30 gallons of diesel fuel. Among other benefits, the #137-SUM adds lubricity back to your diesel fuel, lubricating seals and injectors and quieting the engine. #137-SUM will also reduce black smoke.

These containers are available in three sizes:
32-ounce @ $6 ea.
64-ounce at $8 ea.
5-liter at $125 ea.

Containers are made of high quality HDPE and will last indefinitely.

Jones Industrial Sales represented Schaeffer Oil for nine years in Northern California.
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